To start this blog out right, I want to outline my current learning plan to create some additional accountability and create some deadlines. I’ve been exploring different learning avenues for the last couple of months, gauging interest in different things, seeing what sticks with me and seems to work, etc. These include topics like data science via DataCamp and DataQuest and Microsoft’s Professional Certificate in Data Science on edX, software development via Coursera, and web development via FreeCodeCamp and Udemy courses.

During this exploration, I’ve decided to start with the web development track with a variety of tools. My current timeline I’m trying to stick to is as follows:

  1. July 31 - Complete the Web Developer Bootcamp from Colt Steele (currently about 40% done)
  2. September 30 - Complete the freeCodeCamp Front End and Data Visualization Certificates (currently about 20% done)
  3. December 31 - Complete the freeCodeCamp Back End Certificate
  4. March 31 - Complete the freeCodeCamp Full Stack Development Certificate by completing the Nonprofit Project work

These are the big three currently on the docket. Additionally, for projects during all of this, I’m working on:

  • A personal portfolio web site
  • Customizing this blog site
  • Redesigning some existing sites for better functionality

I also want to complete some additional MySQL training (probably try and fit that in during the September/October timeframe). I know this is all pretty ambitious, but I want to make this happen so I’ll push through it!