I am now officially 65% of the way through the Web Developer Bootcamp course. Though I am finding parts of it a bit light, I’m going to be going back and starting to work on some more of the Free Code Camp content since this course is now moving into NodeJS and Express.

Though I’m comfortable enough on the front end, I want to dig a bit deeper into CSS and Javascript specifically. I’m purposely avoiding proprocessors and many of the frameworks as I am testing and building because I really want to understand vanilla Javascript, and I haven’t even begun digging into the newer versions like ES6.

On another note, we always talk about really applying skills that you are learning to solidify them. In the interests of that, I’m going to begin working on a social media tracking web application for my wife. She does social media for a living, and consolidating all of the relevant information she needs to one place will be helpful to her as well as a challenge for me. I know this is going to take a while (still need to learn back end), but I’m starting it now so I can gather requirements and start building the front end.